Army Reservist: Fired for attending scheduled drill


BRISTOL, Ind.--An army reservist is speaking out after he said his former employer, Ameri Kart , in Bristol, wrongfully and illegally fired him for attending a scheduled drill instead of working a voluntary overtime shift in August.

Adam Bussard, who worked third-shift the company, said he got the pink slip, despite telling his supervisor on his first day, three months prior, and reminding his supervisor beforehand.

“And they had a calendar of our dates, that I gave to my supervisor. So it was it was all laid out, right up front,” said Bussard.

 Bussard got the job through a temp agency, Pro Resources.

He said Ameri Kart was supposed to contact Pro Resources before they fired any of their temporary employees.

“I was pretty upset, but I was more shocked, so I left, and I called the agency first thing in the morning and they were shocked also. They didn’t know anything about it.”

Bussard said Pro Resources called and emailed Ameri Kart, but did not hear back from the company for about a week.

“There was about a week where nobody knew what was going on, and when they finally did contact the agency, they still didn’t answer any questions,” said Bussard. “They didn’t know why, they didn’t have any explanation.”

Bussard said he could have fought to get his job back,

“We even carry a little card that they gave us as soon as we were in a unit that says if you have employer problems, call the number,” said Bussard. “I actually called those people and they said, ‘you have two options. We can either get you your job back, or you can call an attorney.’”

Instead, Bussard decided he did not want to work for a company that would illegally fire him.

 “I don’t think it’s right and I hope it doesn’t happen to somebody else. I mean, people are doing something for their country, and if they can’t appreciate that, then I have no business with them,” said Bussard.

ABC 57 called Human Resources at Ameri Kart several times, for three days, and was unable to get in contact with them.

Both the Better Business Bureau and the Indiana Department of Labor reported no formal complaints have been filed against the company.

According to the “Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act,” it is illegal for an employer to fire an employee for attending a scheduled reserve drill or training.

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