Arson investigation on south side of South Bend

NOW: Arson investigation on south side of South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - An SUV on the south side of South Bend is unrecognizable after it was put on fire. 

The fire started on Saturday around one o'clock in the morning, waking neighbors up who live a few houses away.

Neighbors tell us they thought the sounds of the flames were fireworks at first until they went outside to take a look. 

That's when they saw the vehicle in flames which toke firefighters some time to put out, neighbors said. 

That SUV was parked in the back of a home on Altgeld Street just off of Miami Street. 

The flames blew out the back windows and melted the front of the vehicle making the color of the car unidentifiable. 

Erika Kozora lives 2 homes away from where the fire started but she said she heard noises outside, that's when her husband noticed the fire. 

"When my husband went through our garage, that's when he looked to the side and saw the car. It was in flames and the fire officers were trying to get it out," Kozora said. 

ABC 57 wasn't able to speak with the homeowner of the vehicle but police investigators are looking into what started the fire. 


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