ATF cracks down on firearms dealers to prevent gun trafficking

NOW: ATF cracks down on firearms dealers to prevent gun trafficking

The ATF is cracking down on gun trafficking, highlighted by a recent bust in Berrien County. 

Last month, the ATF busted two men accused of stealing more than 120 guns from Dunham's Sports. 

Authorities believe, if not recovered, these guns would have ended up in the hands of gangs throughout our area, and Michigan at large, through the black market.

According to the ATF, there were 12,000 stolen guns recovered last year in Michigan alone.

ATF special agent in charge James Deir says the number one customer in the gun trafficking market is repeat felony offenders.

But if people are not keeping records of their gun purchases or sales, it's nearly impossible to trace the source of a stolen gun.

Deir says the situation in Berrien County is unique.

Most guns illegally trafficked may have been bought legally and then re-sold.

According to Everytown for Gun Safety, which advocates for gun reform, more than 1.3 million guns used in crimes were recovered by law enforcement last year.

"We do random inspections. We do a series of inspections on folks to make sure that they're keeping our record," said Deir. "They're keeping their records in compliance with federal law. And they're not a safe haven for the criminal element to go up there and purchase firearms."

Recent numbers show the ATF has been cracking down on firearms dealers to stop gun trafficking.

According to USA Today, the ATF revoked federal firearm licenses from gun stores at a higher rate in 2022 than in any year since 2006.

In total, the ATF revoked 92 licenses last year with more than one percent of all dealers inspected.

That more than triples the number from 2021.

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