Attempted abduction of 15-year-old Elkhart Central High student

NOW: Attempted abduction of 15-year-old Elkhart Central High student

ELKHART, Ind.-- "They’re just bold enough to do it as other people are passing by? They just don’t care. That’s just wild," said Elkhart Central High School student, Kendrick Britman. 

According to the Elkhart Police Department, it was at 8 a.m. Monday morning in the area of Superior Street and Kenwood Avenue that a 15-year-old Elkhart Central High School student was walking to school, when an unidentified man in a black SUV grabbed her by the backpack. 

“Yea it's just shocking to know that people around here would actually try something like that. It’s a quiet neighborhood, you wouldn’t think of something like that to happen here," said Britman.

“We do have to worry about stuff like abductions. Like with my two kids that were just recently out of high school, I know that kind of stuff is a parental worry," said Darrin Yoder. He lives along Superior Street. 

Neighbors tell ABC 57, the stretch of road is heavily traveled by students walking to school and cars passing through.

According to investigators, it was actually an unwitting driver who must’ve scared the would-be abductor.

The Elkhart Police Blotter shares that once that car drove down this road, that stranger actually let go of the victim, got back into his SUV and took off.

What makes families in this neighborhood even more nervous is that Elkhart Central High isn’t the only school in this area.

Riverview Elementary School is also within a mile from the scene.

“Parents really need to watch their kids, talk with their kids. They need to understand that if a situation happens like that, what they need to do,” said Yoder.

Right now, Elkhart PD tells ABC 57, detectives are sifting through hours of surveillance video given to them by neighbors who have their own cameras.

While the search for this suspect continues, police are sending unmarked cars to watch the area.

“People that do live up and down these streets should probably keep an eye out if they’re home at those times to watch. Make sure something isn’t happening outside their house," said Yoder.

Elkhart Police say the victim was not injured but was likely shaken up.

Even though the victim didn’t get a great look at him, the teen told police the man was:

- About 5’10’’

- Stocky build

- Wearing a black jacket

- Drove a black SUV with tinted windows.

They’re asking anyone with an idea of who the suspect could be to contact the Elkhart Police Department. 

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