Authorities investigate shooting in Benton Harbor

The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety has confirmed a man was shot in Benton Harbor just blocks away from Benton Harbor High School. 

 “It was a normal day for me,” said one witness Ramall Martinaz.

Until Martinaz stopped by a convenience store on Empire Avenue Monday at around 4:40 in the afternoon.

 “I seen them arguing on my way in,” said Martinaz.

When he came out, he saw the argument escalate.

 “They was over top of him, hitting him. I seen them reaching, and when I see them reach, I took off, I was running, ‘pow!’” he said.

One man was shot at the corner of Empire Avenue and Pavone Avenue.

“I was scared. I ran,” said Martinaz.

Martinaz says he couldn’t believe it happened on a main road—with kids around.

 “I’m running I’m like boy they crazy, it’s broad daylight. It’s broad day here,” said Martinaz.

Police arrived soon after shots were fired and cleared the scene by 6:45 P.M.

The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at a local hospital. 

BHDPS says a suspect has not yet been identified. If you have any information about the shooting, police ask that you call 269-927-0293.

Stay with ABC 57 for more updates. 

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