Awesome 80s: St Elmos Fire @ The State

We are totally starting a fire in here...St Elmo's fire that is!

Psych! No fire here, just another awesome 80s movie. This time a group of recent college grads struggles with adulthood (sound familiar) mostly because they are all self-centered and obnoxious (also familiar). At least that's what IMDB says. Come down and see for yourself whether that's an accurate description or not.

More than movies, Weekly Wednesdays feature fun to the max! There's plenty to entertain including a costume contest, trivia, and even a game of twister for prizes that include snacks and tickets to future events at The State.

Tickets are $3 and the festivities start at 7p. Bring your ID and you'll be able to get a beer or some wine to enjoy with your time traveling. Don't spill yours though or you'll hear someone say "smooth move, ex-lax"

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