Barnaby’s Mishawaka location moving

NOW: Barnaby’s Mishawaka location moving

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – Customers at Mishawaka’s Barnaby’s Pizza restaurant were greeted to a surprise this week that had them fearing the worst: a “for sale” sign on the property by the road sign on the corner of Grape and Edison Roads.

Restaurant Owner Mike Lane wanted the public to know the while the property is up for sale, the restaurant is not and the Mishawaka Barnaby’s will not be shutting down.

Lane said in a press release, “The building’s owner did not give the restaurant’s owner Mike Lane any advanced notice of the plans to sell the building. Barnaby’s owners are surprised by the abrupt desire to sell the building, and Barnaby’s is actively pursuing alternative locations for the restaurant.”

Neither the owner nor the staff was available for on camera interviews, but staff members did say they were shocked by the property going on the market. Barnaby’s press release went on to quote Lane as saying, “I am disappointed with the prospect of leaving the Grape Road building, but I believe that this is an exciting opportunity for the business. The move will provide a new and improved location that will help Barnaby’s continue to serve the Michiana area with great food and drink for the next 50 years.”

The property owner was also not available for comment on the sale.

Some customers say they hope the move will not be too far away.

“I think moving and change is ok,” said Barnaby’s customer Stephanie Zumwalt. “I think it's good if it stays fairly close to this area because I don't like to drive too far for my pizza."

Eric Moore is another customer at the Mishawaka Barnaby’s. He also hopes the restaurant stays nearby.

"Now that I know they're not (closing), as long as they stay local that'll be cool," Moore said.

Moore also said he does not want to see Barnaby’s go any further away than Elkhart.

Meanwhile, the Mishawaka Barnaby’s Owner said the restaurant will remain open during this transition.

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