Baroda farms suffering with water-logged crops

NOW: Baroda farms suffering with water-logged crops

BARODA, MI. -- In Berrien County, many farmers are dealing with washed out crops due to the heavy rains.  Some of the crops could be a total loss.

"My stomach just dropped. You just work so hard," says Bob Mischke, a farmer in Baroda Township. 

The water drowning his family's farm has receded some, but his freshly planted crops are still under water from Thursday's rain. 

"We had torrential downpours here," he says. "The water rose through the road, massive flooding, with the freshly planted corn behind me, and the soybeans to the east of me. It's just been a mess."

A mess that he says, as a fourth generation family farmer, he's never had to deal with before. 

"Never had this much water down here ever. We've had this much water on this field," explains Mischke. "Just under 14 inches of water."

And now, he's just trying to figure out what he can do.

"You're leaving it up to Mother Nature and to have all of this is just a slap in the face," he says.

But he and his neighbors are banding together, to try and help get the water out.

"We're trying to recede the water quickly. We'll probably be out here with shovels all weekend," he explains. "It hurts. Everything will come out. we'll see in the next few days, if it's drying days or more rain."

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