County gun policy proposal sees compromise in vote

NOW: County gun policy proposal sees compromise in vote

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- A gun policy proposal causing disagreements among some living in Berrien County for whether to declare their corner of the state a gun sanctuary county was finally voted on Thursday.

The original resolution wanted the county to tell local officials not to enforce federal and state gun laws, but then a revision compromised that.

The board motioned a pro-constitution compromise to lessen partisan impact which all but guaranteed both sides neither could celebrate, but also can’t complain.

In the end, the resolution was to just reaffirm the board’s endorsement of serving the state and the U.S. constitution - no wording of “sanctuary.”

This, Berrien County Board of Commissioners’ chairman Mac Elliott said, leaves appropriate power in law enforcement.

“They’re elected officials and they have an oath they take as well when they’re sworn in,” Elliott said.

And they do what they’re supposed to do to uphold the law, and enforce the law. They don’t need us telling them how to do their jobs.”

Just before the final vote unanimously passed there was one member who motioned to reinstate the usage of gun sanctuary for the county, but it was not second by any other members.

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