Bars see drop in customers as temps drop

SOUTH BEND, Ind. —  Bars throughout Michiana are being affected by the cold weather. As temperatures drop, so does customer attendence.

Empty chairs, cleared tables and a bartender with not too many customers to serve was the scene at O'Rourke's Public House.

The general manager says it's like night and day, comparing the cold weather crowd to the ones that walk here when it's warm.

"We have noticed sales are down when it's really cold out because we're so close to the university, we have a lot of guests that walk over," said General Manager Shelly Freitag.

Despite the cold weather, some people still dared to brave South Bend's frigid temperatures.

"It's horrible," said Anne Marie Lopez. "This weather is horrible, it's too cold."

Several bar employees said the proximity to the Notre Dame campus helps with the crowd, they still expect it to pick up on weekends, but can't wait until spring.

"I had to walk here. I work here. A walk at three in the morning is a bad deal," said Coddy Elder.

Sales might be down for some bars.

But despite the cold, there were quite a bit of loyal customers at some spots. Many people who walked to work or to one these establishments say the next time, they are going to get someone to drive them.

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