Bear cub breaks into home

Jason Frazer

Cornwall, CT -- It was quite a surprise for one Connecticut mother when a bear and her two cubs got a little too close for comfort.

"This is claw marks from the little guy and the mom just jumped right through the screen," said Jenilyn Schweitzer, of Cornwall.

One of the cubs became trapped inside part of her home while her children were inside.

"I thought it was really cute and I started taking pictures," Schweitzer said.

But within just a few minutes, she was overcome by fear when the mama bear started to climb up her door.

"The mama cub came here and she started to climb up on the door and that's when I realized it wasn't cute anymore," Schweitzer said.

Seconds later, she said her unexpected visitors decided to come inside her screened-in porch.

"She jumped literally through the screen door and in the meantime when the door was open a little baby cub came in and somehow the door closed behind him," Schweitzer said.

She said she kept snapping pictures as the mother tried to rescue her cub.

"I can't go out and open the door for the cub. So I'm like 'oh my gosh'," Schweitzer said. "The mama bear started freaking out trying to get him out."

Schweitzer said the mama bear decided to take matters into her own paws.

"Somehow the mom jumped up and back through the door and literally turned around and opened the door for the baby cub. Then they ran away," Schweitzer said.

She said she was watching this all unfold from inside her home. Once the bears got inside this screened-in porch, she knew she had to call 911 for help.

"My daughter could have been sitting right there at the picnic table and a bear could have literally jump through the screen," Schweitzer said.

By the time police were dispatched, mama bear and her cubs had made a clean getaway, but not before leaving behind some damage.

It's unclear why the bear chose her house, as Schweitzer said she didn't have any food or garbage out.

She said one thing she's keeping indoors is her children.

"My children aren't into coming out here anymore," Schweitzer said.

Families can still have fun this summer, but you definitely just have to keep an eye out.


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