Becoming rainy and windy Friday night

NOW: Becoming rainy and windy Friday night

Today is a cloudy but dry day. Temperatures this afternoon are in the mid 40s.

A few rain showers move in this evening, before a steadier rain starts overnight.

Wind will pick up as we head into Saturday.

Saturday morning is a wash, with mostly rain but possibly a bit of rain/snow mix at times (nothing will accumulate). Over half an inch of soaking rain is possible.

Rain tapers Saturday afternoon, but wind gusts 35-40 mph are possible. Saturday morning temperatures are in the 40s, but fall into the 30s by afternoon.

Wind begins to calm late Saturday.

Sunday is a much nicer day to get outdoors this weekend, with dry weather, calm wind, and a bit of sunshine.

Today: Cloudy. High 46. 

Tonight: Rainy, breezy. Low 38.

Saturday: Rainy, windy. High 44.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 46.

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