Bed bug problem at Notre Dame residence hall

NOW: Bed bug problem at Notre Dame residence hall

NOTRE DAME, Ind. - We’ve all heard the stories of bed bug infestations at a hotel but what if you found those creepy creatures crawling where you live?

That’s the situation going on in one University of Notre Dame residence hall.

The university has confirmed with ABC 57, they’ve addressed a known bug problem.

But it’s too late for a South Bend woman who says she was cleaning out the dorms, when she was bit by one of them, sending rashes racing down her arms.

“I was scared to sleep at night,” says Dorrion Grose, a University of Notre Dame cleaner.

Grose says she was just doing her job when an uninvited guest tagged along.          

“Got out of shower I shook my clothes bed bug came out and I killed it,” said Grose.

Grose killed the bug and stored it away for evidence.

Afraid of an infestation in her own home, and more rashes on her body, she sent a picture of the bug to her boss but she says it wasn’t enough.

In a statement to ABC 57, Notre Dame Spokesperson Dennis Brown responded with this:

“Recently, we were made aware of an isolated occurrence of bed bugs in two residence hall rooms, but that has been addressed…... If a problem arises, the university has a rapid response plan with our pest control contractor who, once a report is made, reviews the site as quickly as possible, assesses the situation and takes the necessary steps to eradicate the issue, if one exists.”

Grose says that problem did exist and has this suggestion for her employer.

“Door should be marked off where nobody can go in and have doors locked,” said Grose.

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