Below freezing days and history

This winter has been relatively mild with a few shots of colder air, but where do we stack up so far this winter in comparison to years past? To date, this winter season we have only seen 29 days with temperatures below freezing. That is less than half the total days below freezing for the 1960-61 winter season, where there were 78 total. Even though we are far off from this number, we will likely add a few more days to our current count during the middle part of February. 

Another thing we also look at when tracking winter weather stats are consecutive days below freezing. The last time we received 7 days in a row of temperatures below 32 degrees was in 2019. That may seem like a long time, but consider how long its been since we have seen over a month of consecutive below freezing days. In 1976-77 we went from December 28th to February 2nd all with temperatures under 32 degrees. 

This weekend and next week temperatures will only warm into the teens with lows in the single digits. The last standing 7 consecutive day period with temperatures below freezing will likely be updated very soon!

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