Benton Harbor Area Schools holds monthly Superintendent meeting

NOW: Benton Harbor Area Schools holds monthly Superintendent meeting


BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Benton Harbor Area Schools held their monthly CEO/Superintendent meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting saw Dr. Robert Herrera and his administration discuss many things including budget items on the agenda.

Herrera says solidifying a future budget and the school board being familiar with the district’s financial adviser is important.

“It would be a good time right now for the Baird representative to come back get to know the board a little more and them get to know the financial adviser because it’s a special relationship with this district right now and we can determine if Baird will continue as our F.A.,” Benton Harbor Area Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Herrera said.

The districts $28 million dollar budget is an important focal point as the district is $18 million dollars in debt.

Herrera mentioned that the number of students expected to graduate will increase from the 38 that they were expecting earlier in the school year.

“This semester we adjusted 20 students schedules to put them in situations where they can earn their diploma so I’m fairly confident though I’m not completely certain and I’m gonna guess those students are progressing and will likely earn the credits so that they will be eligible for their diploma now so I would anticipate a 15 to 20 student increase over what I originally told the board,” Herrera said.

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