Benton Harbor Commissioner holding landlords accountable

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Recently elected Benton Harbor City Commissioner Mary Donald says she is determined to hold landlords in the city more accountable.

With her camera and clipboard in hand, Donald took a close look at a rental property on East Britain. She said she couldn't believe the conditions the family lives in.

"There were no basement windows, it looked like pillows were stuffed in the basement windows instead of glass.  The house was covered in mold and dampness," said Donald.

Donald says it is time to do things differently.

“The standards of living, that bar has to be raised and the landlords must meet that bar," said Donald.

In April, an ordinance was put in place that requires all landlords to register their properties with the city so Benton Harbor can keep track of rental properties and landlords.

Commissioner Donald says now, the city needs to find a way to hold the landlords accountable.

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