Benton Harbor community prays for students, school district

NOW: Benton Harbor community prays for students, school district


BENTON HARBOR, Mich. ---  Some Benton Harbor Area Schools parents and students are turning to prayer to fix behavioral problems within the school system.

Local pastors held a community prayer meeting Sunday evening at the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. Many parents and students in the meeting said this is a fresh start for them.

“It actually means a lot to me,” said Glenda Poole, current Miss Benton Harbor and BHAS student. “I feel as if it’s a big step for our community coming together as one.”

During the meeting, the pastor prayed for groups of parents, students, and school system staffers.

“We grew up in a time, where it took a village to raise a whole child,” said one of the pastors.

Scottie Campbell, a parent of a BHAS student, said the community should come together to help students, instead of using violence in front of the children.

“Whatever we’re doing the kids are going to end up doing it because they’re going by what they see, they’re a reflection of us,” Campbell said.

The community has seen videos of school fights on social media. And parents claim there are brawls in the school hallways.

“I mean, of course, people say rumors, but those are not true,” said Poole. “I am a witness, those are not true.”

Poole was one of many students at the church on Sunday that said, along with pastors and parents, without a doubt, Benton Harbor students are not what the headlines read.

“Well, what you see a day at Benton Harbor you see kings and queens,” said Jaylen Vinson, current Mr. Benton Harbor and BHAS student. “It doesn’t matter what they have done in the past it’s about what they’re doing now and in the future.”

There will be another meeting, giving parents an opportunity to give input, seek help and hear from the community, on Monday, February 26 at 6 p.m. at the New Bethel Baptist Church. Click here for directions.



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