Benton Harbor continues working to combat lead.

NOW: Benton Harbor continues working to combat lead.

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – City leaders in Benton Harbor say they’re continuing their effort to combat elevated water lead levels.

Months after the initial revelation of elevated lead levels, city leaders say they’re working to solve the problem and they’re receiving some test results of the homes that completed water testing. 

“We have some where they’re showing a little bit of exceedance of action levels so we are working with them as well when we do the investigation and the remediation going forward,” Benton Harbor City Manager Darwin Watson said.  

The root of the issue is since October some Benton Harbor homes tested for elevated lead levels which is classified as at or more than 15 parts per billion. 

The city is unsure of exactly how many homes are effected which is the reason for the continued testing but city leaders believe the problem are pipes that need to be replaced. 

The city says they’re using the approximately $300,000 state issued grant to replace those pipes. 

The Phoenix Coffee shop owner Japhy Bartlett says he as a business owner took testing into his own hands. 

“Someone at the city told us that they were going to do testing differently for businesses but we tested it independently and we’re okay,” Bartlett said. 

Watson says the latest developments on city’s end is analyzing the results received so-far and to create an action plan for the future. 

“We’re getting the information and intel that we need to move forward to start making, addressing an issue that’s dealing with the safety, health and welfare of the community but we’re not sitting on and letting it not do anything anymore,” Watson said. 

The city says they’ll need money in the future to complete all necessary projects but the $300, 000 state issued grant is helping out so-far. 

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