Benton Harbor issues advisory for drinking water customers

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – The City of Benton Harbor has issued a public advisory for drinking water customers after the city found that recently tested water samples exceeded the acceptable amount of lead.

The city found that more than 10% of water samples gathered in 78 residencies exceeded the Action Level of 15 parts per billion (ppb) for lead.

This resulted in Benton Harbor’s sixth Action Level Exceedance.

The 90th percentile for these samples was 24 ppb for lead, and 11 of the 78 samples had lead samples that exceeded 15 ppb.

The Action Level Exceedance will be maintained until lead sampling shows less lead so that less than 10% of the samples are above the Action Level.

Benton Harbor, along with many community partners, have been working since 2018 to reduce residents’ exposure to lead.

The City began replacing lead service lines in 2019. Until all lead lines are replaced, the City has installed corrosion control treatment to limit corrosion and reduce lead levels.

Benton Harbor residents are encouraged to get a lead reducing filter and maintain it by regularly cleaning and changing the cartridge.

The Benton Harbor Health Department provides residents with free water filters and replacement cartridges.

For help with getting a free water filter or replacement cartridges, click here or call 800-815-5485.

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