Benton Harbor properties up for bid

NOW: Benton Harbor properties up for bid

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- The Berrien County Treasurer is hoping developers will show interest in two large properties in Benton Harbor that have been sitting empty.

“Our goal is to find developers for both properties, get them back on the tax role,” said Bret Witkowski, the treasurer. “There’s large utilities by all those facilities, both water and electric, they’re not being used at all; so it would be beneficial to the city and everybody involved if those properties can get back on the tax role and put in productive use.”

The property at 960 Agard in Benton Harbor used to be the home of Mercy Hospital.

After sitting empty for years, the hospital was torn down in the last year after going into foreclosure.

The property is approximately 7.5 acres of developable land and is zoned as local commercial, plus one parcel that’s considered single family residential.

The second property is at 900 Alreco in Benton Harbor.

An aluminum smelting facility used to stand on the land, but it was foreclosed on and knocked down several years ago.

The property is approximately 10.93 acres with an existing building that’s 235,000 square feet. It’s currently zoned as a ‘heavily industrial’ property.

Witkowski said those interested can submit a bid by mail or in person to the Berrien County Land Bank Authority by February 14, 2018. The address is 701 Main Street in St. Joe, MI.

The hope is each property will be purchased for however much it owes in back taxes, but Witkowski said he’s willing to take the best offers if it means the land will be redeveloped.

You can contact Witkowski at 269-983-7111, ext. 8569.

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