Berrien County businesses toughing out heavy snowfall

NOW: Berrien County businesses toughing out heavy snowfall

“For the past couple weeks it’s been snow constantly,” said Michael Bulwan, a delivery driver in Benton Harbor.

What feels like a constant snowfall across Berrien County is the accumulation of at least a foot or more of snow. Temps haven’t gotten high enough for that snow to melt and Mother Nature isn’t cutting Michigan any breaks for the New Year.

“It’s really hard driving because you might be safe but you always gotta look out for the other person. In one day within a half hour I almost got into two wrecks, you gotta be careful,” said Bulwan.

The county was under a winter storm warning throughout the weekend and snow plow crews were working around the clock for holiday travelers.

Traditionally, many businesses are closed on New Year’s Day, except for one small restaurant right on Napier Avenue in Benton Harbor and right in the middle of that heavy snowfall.

“On days like today, especially New Year’s, it’s really rough. When people wake up, they’re going to want to eat so we got to be ready,” said Bulwan.

A delivery driver at New York Fried Chicken, Bulwan is toughing it out along with other drivers on the road during his shift.

“The snow makes it hard because now people are all indoors and they’re all calling. They’re not calling for pickups, they’re calling for deliveries and that just makes it harder but at least they understand it takes longer,” said Bulwan.

And despite more than one foot of snow on the ground and a bit of a slowed process on the road, Bulwan is determined to get those deliveries out during the snowfall.

“What would take 45 minutes is taking an hour, an hour and 15 minutes and with this weather, it’s going to be a while before I have a day off,” said Bulwan.

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