Berrien County Health Dept. offering class on quitting smoking

It's that time where we start considering life style changes to start a new year. If quitting smoking is one of your goals, the Berrien County Health Department is offering some support. 

Starting the first week of 2017, you can sign up for the "Freedom from Smoking" program. It was developed by the American Lung association.

The seven week program is in a group setting, with classes to help you with a step-by-step plan.

Each session is designed to help smokers gain understanding and control of their behavior. And having a group makes it much smoother.

"It's a once a week learning process," said Kerri Teachout, Substance Abuse Prevention Supervisor. "There is some homework. Opportunity to listen and share with others how they are doing it. So it's been a very successful class when we've had that."

The class starts January 3, meeting weekly every Tuesday. It costs 10 dollars, and scholarships are available. You can sign up here

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