Parts of Berrien County hit hard by rain

NOW: Parts of Berrien County hit hard by rain

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- Thursday's torrential rain caused "insane" flooding in some pockets of Berrien County, according to neighbors.

“You think it’s just going to be a quick rain in and out, and then overtime...[it] added up to three to four inches of rain and you can just watch it move through the fields, go through the dirt, and it just starts to wash out, and it slowly accumulates down here at the building and floods all around us," said Greg Kugel, whose dad owns Kugel Farms.

“This year, it’s happened about three times. It’s never happened this many times before since I’ve been involved in the farm," said Greg, now 21, who's been working on the farms since he was 12.

“What it really affects is some of our soybean fields...A lot of what we planted just a couple of weeks ago has been washed out of the ground," he said.

He says he has 72 hours to get the water out or the soybeans will be destroyed.

If that happens, he says they're out of luck, because they were planted outside of the insurance window.

“It becomes costly," he said.

About eight miles away, neighbors who live on James Drive in Stevensville are hoping the flooding does not become costly for them, too.

“I got home to this here lovely moat that I Have, and it’s been kind of relentless ever since. I kind of hope it lets up as we could see there’s going to be some water in the house here in a minute. I’d really enjoy that not happening," said Jonathan Radtke, whose front yard flooded.

He said he was born and raised in the area and has never seen anything like Thursday's flooding.

Neither has his neighbor down the street, who decided to see the glass...or yard, in this case...half full by hopping on her raft to wade through her front yard turned pool.

The county will likely see more rain and flooding Friday, so be on the lookout for standing water.

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