Berrien County road crews working to keep roads clear

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Berrien County road crews worked throughout Monday to keep the roadways clear. 

Monday’s snow was the first significant snowfall of the season leading to the Berrien County Road Department is working overtime to keep up with the weather conditions. 

“Everybody got called in early today and made sure their trucks were ready to go,” Berrien County Road Department Managing Director Jason Latham said. 

The road department said approximately 35 of the departments roughly 45 road workers hit the streets to assist in the clean-up. 

The Berrien County Road Department road crews are responsible for maintaining County roads. 

We maintain the county road system that’s county primaries, county locals, and subdivisions that are part of a plotted subdivision that would exclude city and village roads which are obviously maintained by cities and villages,” Latham said. 

The road crews completed their rounds on Monday and will hit the street again Tuesday morning. 

“What we’re anticipating is keeping an eye on the weather throughout the night and most likely bringing everybody back in,” Latham said. 

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