Berrien County Sheriff in Washington D.C. discussing immigration

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey is in Washington D.C. this week, meeting with members of Congress and White House officials about immigration. 

Bailey and 44 other sheriffs from across the U.S. will discuss ways to improve the immigration system and increase border security at a round table discussion. 

“We need to talk about it," said Bailey. "We need to get a final solution to it. We gotta stop talking about it and make it happen and come up with a good way on how we can get it done.”

Bailey said the Berrien County Sheriff's Department does deal with illegal immigration problems, although he said it's more of a problem along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“All of sheriffs, we’re open to legal immigration not illegal immigration," said Bailey. "We have a great country but you have to come here legally.”

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