Berrien Springs RV community on edge due to high river levels

NOW: Berrien Springs RV community on edge due to high river levels

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich – The Shamrock RV community in Berrien Springs is on edge with the river levels near flood stage.

“It rose but yesterday even it receded a little but then it came back up early this morning and it’s been running heavy,” Shamrock Park resident Larry Abbott said.

Some parts of Berrien County saw two to four inches of rain this week.

“So far today its been a matter of keeping an eye on things we’ve had to move two campers out of the primitive area we did that this morning kind of unplanned I been out at 5:00 a.m. and by 6:00 a.m. things had changed dramatically so luckily we had three or four campers that helped out we all grouped together and we got ‘em out and up to now it’s just a wait and see game,” Shamrock Park manager Rick Camacho said.

The flood prone RV community also saw major flooding during the record floods of 2018.

Shamrock Park resident Larry Abbott said he’s optimistic the river won’t get to the 2018 flood level.

“Nah not this one, not like last year Last year it came in real fast but we had all the snows and rains and thaws all at once so it didn’t have nowhere to go,” Abbott said.

Berrien County officials continue to monitor the river which is expected to crest in the near future.

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