Bettis on a Bus: the game that wasn't

Bettis on a Bus: the game that wasn’t

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Legendary Notre Dame running back Jerome Bettis told ABC57 Kickoff's Allison Hayes that Boston College has always stung a little bit but not because he played against the eagles in the infamous 1993 upset game.

It's because he didn't.

"Well, here's the rough part with Boston College. I wasn't there," said Bettis. "So I had left school. That was a year that I left and went to the NFL. And then Boston College beat Notre Dame. And a lot of my teammates are mad at me because I always had big games against Boston College, right? And so the fact that I wasn't there, they were like, man, we would have won that game. Had you been here. So guys would give me a lot of grief after that game. And it was just a rough one. But yeah, Boston College, for me has always been a good game. And so when I think about Boston College, I think about the game that we lost, but I think about my time there and I was always had pretty big games against Boston College."

Bettis only played Boston College once during his time at Notre Dame, in 1992.

He had a 37-yard receiving touchdown in a 54-7 rout of the Eagles.

His counterpart, Reggie Brooks, had a huge game on the ground, racking up 178 yards and two touchdowns.

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