Big changes: A return to fall weather

Big changes: A return to fall weather

BIG CHANGES TONIGHT:  Wind gusts top 40 mph this evening, as a strong cold front cuts through around 9:00 p.m. A line of rain, possibly thunderstorms arrive just ahead of the front, localized this is the highest damaging wind threat. The rain quickly clears and temperatures plummet into the upper 30s by Wednesday morning. 

Wednesday is a return to fall. High temperatures in the mid-40s will be a shock to the system but it's closer to November norms than record heat in the 70s. The forecast is mostly fair and cool into the weekend with a chance of rain Saturday evening. Next week looks fair and milder, no 70s but highs in the mid-50s is mild for mid-November. 

Tonight: Line of showers/storms, windy. Low 38.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 46.
Thursday: Sunny. High 54.

Friday: Partly cloudy. High 44.

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