Big changes unveiled for kid's car seat ID stickers

Driving your kids around just got a whole lot safer. Michigan is declaring this week as ‘Child Passenger Safety Week’ and officials are improving the way parents transport kids on the road.

Car seat identification stickers, which have been available to parents in Michigan for nearly twenty years, have been updated.

“If a child’s involved in a crash and let’s say the parents are incapacitated or something happens or a parent might be too upset to speak to an officer, this sticker provides good information for the first responders,” said Alyson Kechkaylo, the Occupant Protection Program Coordinator with Michigan’s Office of Highway Safety Planning.

The stickers list the child’s name, age, blood type, allergies and emergency contacts. But improvements have been made to make children even safer.

The color changed to yellow and a flap has been placed over the top of it so the sticker doesn’t fade.

Also, the allergy box is a lot larger and there is a new line for ‘medical issues’ to be listed.

They distribute over 4,000 stickers a year to be handed out at car seat checkpoints or safety events. But, Kechkaylo wants to encourage more parents to use the system.

“The best way to get one is to see a certified child passenger safety technician at a car seat event and have your car seat checked,” Kechkaylo said.

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