Biggby Coffee opens new location in South Bend


Good news for coffee lovers, a new coffee shop held its grand opening Tuesday.

Biggby Coffee gave everyone waiting in line for its opening at 5 a.m. a free drink.

But that’s not the only special happening for the grand opening. Giveaways will happen throughout Tuesday. Customers can also text the word “Roseland” to 319-96 for a coupon at the location.

One of the owners of the Biggby Coffee of Roseland, Mark Vandegrift, said he has always had this location on his radar.

“I’m originally from this area,” said Vandegrift. “So ever since I signed on with Biggby and started my first store up in Grand Rapids I wanted to bring the brand down to Indiana. My business partner and I decided this would be the first place we would develop.”

This is the first store Vandegrift and his partner Mike Brann Jr. have started in Indiana. Another Biggby Coffee closed its doors in 2015 on Angela Boulevard. But Vandegrift says the community has supported the startup of the Roseland location. 

“We’ve had a lot of people stopping in and telling us how much they’re looking forward to having a Biggby Coffee here. Especially with the drive through, the drive through is very popular.”

But it doesn’t stop here. More Biggby Coffee locations are in the works for South Bend. The owner of the Elkhart location is planning to open another shop on Cleveland Road near University Park Mall. Vandegrift says there are also plans for a Biggby Coffee near the south side of South Bend.

Once those locations are open Vandegrift says the stores will work together to give back to the community.

“Once we get established it will be a cohesive effort amongst the three of us, and hopefully some others that find their way here, to do a collaborative effort in supporting different community efforts,” he said.

One of those efforts is will be corporate wide across the more than 200 Biggby Coffee stores.

“That’ll be food baskets in local areas,” said Vandegrift.  “All the stores will collectively have efforts to collect food and give them to the local food pantries.”

The Roseland location’s operating hours are Monday-Saturday 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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