Biker riders spreading message about affordable housing in Michiana

NOW: Biker riders spreading message about affordable housing in Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Bikers from a national nonprofit organization made a pit stop in South Bend on Thursday and spread awareness about an issue many in Michiana face.

Twenty-seven bikers from Bike and Build spoke about the need for more affordable housing.

Bike and Build is a nonprofit organization that sends people on cross-country biking trips each summer. Throughout the trip, bikers stop in different cities and build and repair homes with local affordable housing agencies.

South Bend is the 19th stop on this group’s journey. They’ve started in June in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and will finish in August in Bellingham, Washington. The total journey is 4,100 miles.

While the group didn’t build any houses in Michiana, they said they still want to bring a light to a problem many in Michiana face.

“It’s really about spreading awareness of the affordable housing problem around the U.S. and kind of like making a statement about what we’re doing to show people that it is a problem and that stuff needs to be done about it,” said Toni Marano.

There are some ways people in South Bend can help Bike and Build. The organization asks drivers to put down the phone and stay three feet away from bikers on the road. They said this minimizes the risk of anything tragic happening during their trip.

“Homelessness is a problem all throughout the U.S. in different variations. In some places it’s more hidden than others,” said Marano. “Having a home is the most important thing for a family, especially for kids growing up. Havign a stable place to be every night for education, going to school.”

You can learn more about Bike and Build by clicking here.

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