Black ice blamed for crash that killed two women in Elkhart

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- Dangerous road conditions were the likely cause of a deadly car crash Friday morning in Elkhart County.

Black ice is being blamed for the accident on Country Road 5 north of Jami Street.

Two women died in the crash when their SUV slid on the icy overpass into oncoming traffic. A pickup truck hit the passenger side of the SUV, killing passenger Alice Barnes.

The driver of the SUV, Dawn Leatherman, was taken to Elkhart General Hospital where she died.

Law enforcement officials say the overpass was iced over when the accident happened.

"If it's wet and it freezes, it's real slippery," said Pearl Boling who lives nearby.

Law enforcement officials want drivers to remember that bridges and overpasses are the first to ice over, so pay extra attention when driving over them.

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