Blankets for the homeless

ELKHART, Ind. - In Michiana two local non profits are doing their part to help the homeless, help low income families, give out clothing, making food for people, sorting clothes and trying to get more donations.

But during these colder months the Chicago and Michiana 5 for the Homeless focuses on putting resources, like blankets, in to the hands of street homeless people and shelters that will often keep them safe and warm. They told ABC 57 that they know that one blanket could possibly save a life or keep someone from frostbite.

One of this years volunteers, Tracy Clark, was actually homeless for four years. It was these organizations, through donations of food and clothing, that helped change her life.

Which Sharlee Morain, Executive Director of the Shepherds Cove Clothing Pantry, said is the whole point of these organizations.

"People need to feel that they are cared for, that their loved, and I think that's the main reason that we all do this. It's to show people that we love them. The blankets, the clothing, that's just a bonus. The love is what they really need."
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