Bleachers shooting victim's family asking about alleged killer's whereabouts

NOW: Bleachers shooting victim’s family asking about alleged killer’s whereabouts


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- The family of a Michigan man who was shot and killed inside a Mishawaka bar said they are seeking justice.

On Wednesday, the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office named Timothy Mayberry, 33, as the suspected killer of Avery Brown, 28. There is currently a warrant out for Mayberry’s arrest.

“This man did a crime he needs to pay for,” said Tameko Brown, Brown’s cousin. “If he’s not going to be a man enough and come forward, someone please come forward.”

Brown and her sister, Dawn, said they are thankful there’s a warrant out for Mayberry’s arrest.

“It brings some type of peace that there’s a name out there,” Dawn Brown said. “But at the same time this is not over.”

Investigators used Mayberry’s bill at Bleachers The Bar and other online accounts to identify him as a suspect. Surveillance video showed brown going into a single stall restroom, then Mayberry entering moments later and shutting the door with the two of them inside, according to a court document.

Tameko Brown said she does not know if her cousin knew Mayberry. Brown suffered three gunshot wounds, two to the right side and one to the back. There were three spent shell casings in the restroom, according to the probable cause affidavit.

“I think the bigger picture right now is a lot of the family and friends that we’re focusing on is that he is apprehended,” said Brown.

Dawn Brown said she believes the murder was rooted in greed and jealousy. They both said Avery Brown was a loving and caring person, who would’ve helped anyone in need.

“I mean if he has any heart about him, he would turn himself in,” Dawn Brown said. “I guarantee you Avery’s mother would be the first one to help him when he’s locked up cause that’s who she is and that’s where Avery got it from.”

They said Brown’s sisters and mother asked for anyone with information to speak up.

“If this was your brother, your nephew, your uncle,” Tameko Brown said. “Put yourself in our shoes.”

ABC 57 News reported on Wednesday, Bleachers The Bar would be closing it’s doors permanently after the murder. The two cousins said they do not want their loss to be seen as a negative because of the bar’s closing.


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