Blueberry Festival will pay tribute to Sheriff Tom Chamberlin

The 49th Annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival is taking place this weekend at Centennial Park in Plymouth.

The free four day festival includes live music, helicopter rides, animal exhibits, and food.

But it isn’t just about entertaining this year, the event is paying tribute to local heroes.

With this year’s slogan being “Heroes Among Us,” the organizers are making sure to pay tribute to a very special hero from Marshall County.

In late August Sheriff Tom Chamberlin passed away after fighting a long battle with cancer. He was a beloved figure in the Marshall County community and many were deeply impacted by his death.

“He cared about us, he cared about his county, and he cared about people. Tom was a very good sheriff,” said Jim Nolin, Blueberry Festival President.

On Monday morning, the community will pay tribute to Sheriff Chamberlin during the Blueberry Festival Parade.

“We’re going to have the 501 car and he’s going to go and lead our parade about a block, block and half ahead of our regular parade,” said Nolin.

For more information on the Marshall County Blueberry Festival click here.

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