Board members for South Bend Schools discuss bus routes at meeting

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Board members from the South Bend Community School Cooperation got together on Monday to discuss potential changes to bus routes.

At the meeting, Superintendent Todd Cummings acknowledged that the changes they initially proposed would not be beneficial to all parents in South Bend.

The issue raised by parents was that the changes would disrupt family routines and schedules.

"We realized when we looked at those new routes that what it was going to do was just cause disruption,” Superintendent Cummings said.

Cummings also remarked how feedback from the community plays an important role in this decision.

"We have sent out a survey, asking parents and folks that use our transportation services what they think, what they think of our start times, so we've reached out to gather data and so we're looking at how to improve transportation,” Cumming’s said.

The changes to the routes have been postponed until the summer in order to provide more time for families to prepare. The changes will take effect in August of 2020.

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