Bobby Knight: No Benghazi on Trump's watch

By Julia Manchester CNN

(CNN) -- Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, a Donald Trump supporter, said Wednesday he was not concerned about the businessman's rhetoric or the Republican Party unifying behind him.

Asked by CNN's John Berman about Trump's controversial remarks and how they might affect him as the nominee, Knight dismissed the criticism.

"That doesn't really mean anything to me right now," Knight said on "New Day," "because we're talking about a guy that I think can handle things far better than anything we've had recently."

He added, "I'll tell you one thing about Donald Trump: There will never be a Benghazi in a Donald Trump administration."

Knight's comments come the day after the GOP front-runner bested rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich in Indiana, becoming the party's presumptive nominee.

"I don't care about the Republican Party. I don't care about the Democratic Party," Knight said. "You know, I'm tired of this party stuff where we're going to do what's right for this party or we're going to do what's right for that party. Let's just get together and do what's right for the country. I think that's what all of us want."

The retired basketball coach also praised Trump's business experience, saying it's what helps qualify him to be president.

"I don't think that we have had anybody who is on the verge of coming into the White House as well-prepared as Donald Trump is," Knight said. "You look at all of the business he has had, all of the jobs he's created. We're worried about jobs right now. Probably nobody in America has come close to setting up as many jobs for people with his business as Donald Trump has."

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