Bodies of two teens recovered from private pond

Kosciusko County officials are investigating the deaths of two Warsaw teenagers.

Around 1:41 a.m., Kosciusko County deputies were called to a home about two missing juveniles.

Deputies learned there was a sleepover celebrating Kaleb Lampkin's birthday at his home.

One of the teens at the party was acting strangely and was taken to the hospital for possible drug use.

Deputies searched the area for the two missing juveniles, but were told Lampkin and Korbin Foster, both 17, may have left to go to Warsaw.

At 1:59 a.m., officers were called to 2028 S. Maple Run for reports of a drowning.

By the time deputies arrived, one victim had been pulled from the pond. The dive team pulled the second body from the pond.

The victims were identified as Foster and Lampkin.

The deaths are being classified as accidental drowning pending toxicology results.
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