Released body camera footage of Fort Wayne mayor's arrest

NOW: Released body camera footage of Fort Wayne mayor’s arrest

FORT WAYNE, Ind. --Body camera footage has been released by the city of Fort Wayne from the night mayor Tom Henry got arrested for crashing a city vehicle while driving drunk. 

Henry can be heard ordering the officers to take care of his wife and cursing at them in the footage. 

The footage captured the officers seemingly discussing whether to arrest mayor Henry, and then calling a supervisor. 

During a press conference to announce the release of the footage, the mayor commended the officers for doing their duty. 

Mayor Tom Henry said: "While I am the mayor of this great city, I know better than any other citizen, each officer did exactly what needed to be done by holding me accountable for my actions". 

Public records requests from member of the media were initially denied by the city of Fort Wayne, for the body camera footage and police reports. 

The Indiana Public Access Counselor said that it would violate state law. 

On October 10, Henry pleaded guilty to the drunk driving charge, then he was sentenced to pay almost four thousand dollars in restitution and fines on November seventh. 

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