BodyDroids work to fight off Salmonella

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A group of 11-year-olds may have figured out how to get rid of Salmonella.

On Tuesday, the BodyDroids, a  LEGO robotics team from Granger and Mishawaka presented their solution to tracking Salmonella infected meat to the FDA meat nanosensor labels, and they got on the job experience Wednesday by working at the Del Taco on Day Road in Mishawaka.

"The nanosensors under that would communicate to the RFID tag to say if there is pathogenic bacteria, or Salmonella and then the RFID tag would tell the person if their meat is bad,” said Cole Clayton.

The BodyDroids just won their regional first LEGO League competition, and this Saturday they will compete in their state competition against 54 of other teams.

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