Boosting Benton Harbor: Woman helps community bloom with garden

A woman in Benton Harbor has taken a hands on approach to the phrase "it takes a village." Through a community garden, Emma Kinnard is  teaching kids important life skills and improving the city she lives in. 

Nine years ago Kinnard took an abandoned lot in a Benton Harbor neighborhood and turned it into a community garden for children in the area. Ever since, she's been using her gift of horticulture to teach them about healthy eating and teamwork through her Fresh Start Garden.

 For a long time it was financed out of her own pocket. Now she gets some help from the city. 

Kinnard has assigned her students projects to beautify the community around them, planting flowers. It's a work she's proud to dedicate her life too, boosting not only Benton Harbor but the well being of the communities children.

"I don't just like this city. I love this city.," said Emma Kinnard. "And most of all I love those babies . I see these babies walking around that's the thing that really grabbed me to get this garden."

Check out the full story above to take a walk with Kinnard and go inside how she does it. 

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