Bow hunting season starts today!

NOW: Bow hunting season starts today!


Starting today, bow hunting is now legal in the state of Indiana and Michigan, and that's means it's open season for deer and wild turkeys. Hopefully, if you are planning on hunting this season, you were able to do a little scouting over the last couple of weeks. For deer, early in the season, they love to hang out in agricultural fields, especially soybeans. During the first two weeks of the season, big bucks can definitely be found in the wide-open fields since hunters haven't put the pressure on them quite yet. Once we get into winter though, as they become more aware of hunters, they'll retreat to woods like these during the day and begin to eat from the open fields at night, so plan accordingly.

For turkeys, it's a bit different. The woods is your best chance, especially if you're more of a ground hunter. If that's the case, make sure you have plenty of camo and a face mask or face paint that'll blend in with the fall foliage around you. If you typically use a blind, be sure to set up decoys about 10-15 yards away to give yourself the best shot possible.

Watch the sunrise and sunset times today! Sun comes up at 7:41 AM and sets at 7:26 PM this evening. The wind today may cause some problems for you as well, considering it will shift as we push through the morning and into the afternoon.

And if you're not a fan of hunting in the rain, it looks like today and Wednesday will be your best days. Afterwards, you may have to wait a while since rain chances continue through this week and potentially into next week as well.

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