Breaking down Notre Dame's mobile ticketing system

NOW: Breaking down Notre Dame’s mobile ticketing system

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The fighting Irish are prepping for Saturdays home opener against Toledo with the university welcoming back fans at full capacity. Seats for the season went on sale back in May, but one thing ticket holders will have to adapt to this fall -- mobile ticketing.

As early as Wednesday of game week you'll receive an email with a personalized link to download your tickets.

To find the email in your inbox type in the keywords 'Your mobile tickets have arrived.'

Once you have the email open follow the link to your Notre Dame ticket account and select add to your digital wallet.

The digital wallet can refer to the apple wallet app for iPhones or the Google pay app for Androids.

If you can't come to the game you might experience some FOMO, but here's how you can sell or transfer your tickets.

Just sign into your account on and select transfer. Choose the game you'd like and enter the phone number of the person you're sending it to. You'll then receive a text message to confirm the transaction.

Now you might be asking why Notre Dame is implementing this change. It's simple --- it helps provide a safer game day experience by protecting fans against fraud or losing their tickets.

If you're on the receiving of transferred tickets make sure to accept them quickly as you'll only have one week to add them to your wallet before the link expires.

If you don't have a smartphone, someone attending with you that has a smartphone can download the tickets.

Now you're ready to go ahead of game day. Just don't forget to charge your phone and be prepared to cheer on the Fighting Irish to victory!

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