Breast cancer survivor celebrates 100th birthday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- On Tuesday, Addie Shurn turned 100 years old. Her family says she is the oldest breast cancer survivor in South Bend.

"I never would have dreamed of this," said Shurn.

Shurn's family didn't know this day would come after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 88.

That's why everyone got dressed up to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Family, friends, church members, and even former co-workers showed up for the celebration. Some traveled from as far away as Tampa.

"To go through that and still be here and still hit the century mark, we're just all very excited and very happy to be here," said Jeffrey Carter, Shurn's grandson.

Shurn's niece Betty Green-was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 38.

She urged everyone in the family to get a mammogram.

That's when Shurn found out she had the disease, too. Luckily it was only at stage 1 when she caught it.

"They went on and did surgery and then radiation. And she has done fine. Except now we may have a little hit coming, we're not sure," said Shurn.

Shurn recently discovered a lump, so she'll be visiting a doctor soon.

Her niece, who's also a registered nurse and breast cancer researcher says the older you are, the better your chances of surviving.

"Cancer is rapid changing cells and rapid growing. The younger you are the faster your cells grow and divide. When you get older they slow down," said Green.

Shurn's family and friends say nothing can ruin such a special day.

"I'm just glad to be here. Glad to see my people come in and my friends," said Shurn.

Shurn still lives by herself, cooks and cleans.

At 99 she gave her car keys to her son and said that was too old to drive.


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