Brexit or not - we're with you

In the wake of Brexit, Indiana Secretary of Commerce and CEO of Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Victor Smith told us that on July 5 they sent the UK the equivalent of a bear hug.

It came in the form of an ad that says, “Brexit or not – you'll always be front of the queue for business in Indiana.”

Smith tells us he wants the UK to know the state's relationship with them remains strong no matter what.

“Hey we're standing with you – Brexit or not, we're standing with you. The great companies there that have made billions of dollars of investment here and employ thousands of people here - we're standing with you as friends through this tough time,” said Smith.

The ad appeared in the Financial Times Tuesday and will run in the UK edition of the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, July 6.

A trade delegation from Indiana will travel to the 2016 International Farnborough Air Show in London, the largest in the world, next week.

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