Brey, Irish look to quickly turn the page


Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey said it bluntly Tuesday night "We got our butts kicked!"

The Irish dropped their first home game of the season Tuesday, a 71-54 defeat at the hands of the Virginia Cavaliers.

"I do like that we got our butts kicked because I think it gets everyone's attention," Brey said. "I'm always going through ready to manage something like this or a couple punches, we haven't had to take them yet." 

A lot of the frustration boiled over when a majority of the 50-50 balls went to Virginia, no matter how hard the Irish fought.

 "I told my AD, when that happens like the fourth time, I don't like the feel of the night," Brey said.

When asked if his team was ready to play Tuesday, Brey defended his position they were, but mentioned that with the way their schedule is constructed, it's been hard to get in a solid routine of practices, and cautions over doing it.

"You're trying to save legs, it's a Catch-22. We're healthy, I don't want anybody to get hurt in practice, hey we had a good practice, three guys got hurt. We're passed that, but we do an hour of going after each other on Thursday," Brey said.

A practice serving of utmost importance with the Irish now getting set to face Georgia Tech Saturday in Atlanta.

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