Bristol neighborhood targeted in string of burglaries

BRISTOL, Ind. -- A Bristol couple says thieves are targeting their neighborhood and they have had enough.

They have had three break-ins in 14 months, with the latest happening Wednesday.

But their house was not the only one hit by the thieves.

The couple says some of their neighbors have been broken into so many times that they do not call police anymore.

For over 20 years, Brad and his wife have called a quiet Bristol neighborhood their home. They say they’ve never felt unsafe or had any problems -- until now.

"We've been broken into 3 times in the last 14 months," said Brad, who asked that we only use his first name.

Thieves have stolen guns, TVs and money. He says he has tried just about everything to keep the thieves out.

"The camera I’ve got on the back deck, dead bolts, security signs," said Brad.

He even chained his TV to the ground after replacing the one that was stolen. But nothing seems to be helping.

"They hit basically three rooms," said Brad. "The second time they hit the same three rooms, the third time the same three rooms and just ransacked everything."

The thieves always enter the house the same way, through the back porch. 

As Brad and his wife consider other security measures to prevent future break-ins, they hope police will start doing more too.

"You think there would be a lead somewhere, they have checked for fingerprints twice now and I am just waiting. No one has ever called me with an update," said Brad.

He says his biggest fear is that one of these times he will walk in on thieves and someone will get hurt, which is why he wants police to start doing extra patrols in their neighborhood.

"We might see a cop once a month, if that, and that might be a deterrent if they see police down this road once in a while, they might think twice," said Brad.

The couple says they are now considering putting bars over their windows. They say they have also considered a security system, but fear it would be no good since they live in a secluded area that takes police longer to get to.

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