Brother killed in burning car crash, sister injured then later booked

NOW: Brother killed in burning car crash, sister injured then later booked

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Officials are still investigating how 41-year-old Daniel Gonzales ended up driving off the road and crashing on Fillmore road and and Country Club road. 

His sister, 30-year-old Jessica Howard was ejected from the car.

That's when she walked to the first home she saw, several hundred feet away. 

Gabrielle Kramer, the woman who opened the door, shares the frantic moment. 

“The doorbell started going off erratically, and I was like who is that? I opened the door, she stumbled inside. She had scratches on her knees, blood on her face," Kramer said. Just imagine who you are, how you got there, whens your birthday, have no recollection of anything.”

Police were on their way to respond to Kramer's call for a welfare check for the woman involved in the accident, when the fire department headed to the scene spotted a car on the side of the road in flames.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Howard was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Kramer stayed with her until crews arrived.

“You wouldn’t really expect for someone cut up and bloody coming up to your house at two in the morning. I was really shocked. If it’s really dark and you’re coming around the corner and the roads are icy, I’m surprised there’s not more accidents there. I’m glad she’s ok right now and I hope she stay’s ok.”

The Fatal Alcohol Crash Team says the county coroner's office is conducting further tests on Gonzales' body to further determine what happened.

Family at the scene tell ABC 57 that Howard was booked on a warrant for an unrelated charge. 

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