Buchanan looking for input on revitalizing Riverfront Park

NOW: Buchanan looking for input on revitalizing Riverfront Park

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Just off the beaten path on Redbud Trail lies Riverfront Park, which is little more than a dirt parking lot, a small picnic pavilion and an old, wooden pier right on the river.

While it may not be the most exciting destination in all of Buchanan, city officials are looking to change that.

"Our river has been integral to this community since its founding," said Ashley Regal, Assistant Director of Community Development in Buchanan. "The Potawatomi used that river. Our community was built and founded as a mill town. This river is integral to the culture and community here in Buchanan, just as much now as it was then, but now we're imagining a new way to interact with the river."

It's part of a plan to revitalize parts of the city, and officials like Regal believe that revamping the park and boat launch along the waterfront would be a net benefit for those that live in town and those just stopping by for a visit.

Regal said, "We view it as waterfrontage, which people don't always call the river waterfront, but we have this beautiful attraction and we'd love to share that with others. We'd love others to come to town and visit and get the joy that we get out of it. But first and foremost, this is for our community, this is to benefit our locals and get the back out on the water."

It's a plan that some local business owners are thrilled with.

"I'm all for it. I love that kind of stuff," said Jasmine Zickafoose, a manager at Fifteen 2 Twelve, a barbecue restaurant just a stone's throw away from Riverfront Park.

Zickafoose said having a new boat launch would benefit folks running fishing chargers, or just spending a day out on the river.

And that it would also give people more reasons to explore what Buchanan has to offer.

"I think it will definitely give people more time and more activities in this area, for sure," she said.

The city is looking for input on this project, which you can give either at city hall or online here.

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