Buddy Up Reading Program

 In Niles, Michigan there's a reading program called the Buddy Up Reading Program.

Since the beginning of the year high school seniors from Niles High School have had the choice to go over to Northside Child Development to participate in activities with the kindergarten classes.

On different days throughout the school year, these seniors come in to the elementary school classrooms, sit in the miniature chairs with their group of three to four kindergartners, and help them read, color, and finish class work.

The seniors said they have seen a huge improvement in the youngsters reading ability since this program started in the fall. But they've also learned a lot about themselves in the process.

Some of these students say, at a time where they're about to make huge life changing decisions, this program has shown them what they really want out of life.

"I've actually been thinking about doing elementary school teaching. Maybe not kindergarten but still third to sixth grade area," said senior Brayden Swathwood.

This program began five years ago with the hope to introduce the little kids to the high schoolers so that they'd have positive role models and feel a sense of community at school wide events.

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